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Hermann Oak Skirtingleder Blankleder-Hälfte natur 11/13oz. ca. 4,4-5,2 mm

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Hermann Oak skirting leather is always the mark of quality in a saddle. Our non-loaded tannage carves and stampssuperbly. It molds and forms to the seat with

ease. This leather accepts oils or dyes evenly for a deep, rich color. Ideal for custom saddles, rough out saddles, western saddles, stirrup leathers, gun belts, weight lifting belts, amor and other heavy weight projects you’d like to carve, stamp or tool. When you want to-of-the-line results, this beauty from the folks at Hermann Oak® delivers. Trusted by saddlemakers who are investing hours upon hours of time and

painstaking work in their projects, this saddle skirting leather has just the right oil content and adding water will allow you to soften and mold theleather for beautiful tooling, stamping,

Average square 22-24 sqfs. (ca. 2,04-2,23 sqm), Grade TR, Gauged in Butt (Stärkemessung im Croupon). Width approximate 30"-36" (ca. 76-92 cm), length approximate 85"-100" (ca. 200-215 cm). Content: U.S. cowhide.

Die Dicke liegt bei 4,4-5,2 mm.

Die Fläche beträgt ca. 2,04-2,23 qm.

Ein aussergewöhnliches Leder für aussergewöhnliche Projekte!